falconsmart-careers2We at FalconSmart Technologies (FST) believe in two things – Speed and Innovation. Both done simultaneously with right mix of skills and quality give us the innovation speed. This is how we stay ahead in the game, cutting down the time to market of our products with state of art features and innovative solutions.

Innovation is not a privilege nor is it a superpower or we FALCONS would have been superheroes (we are in some way, just can’t fly or teleport). We can’t teach how to innovate, but sure we can lead it.

Join us if you feel that on time breakfast and work time shifts are just clichés or you realize that the gloom of missing a favorite cricket match someday can be way lesser than euphoria of innovation!! We have no boundaries; we like to hunt those issues in our domain where people have given up, that is how a FALCON is made.

Core Values

In such high pitches of change and hyper speed deliveries, we invent ourselves every year, new ways of doing old regimes, this adds up to the kind of family we want to be and have no hesitation in making it an everyday affair by adding it to our values.

Interestingly, our technical teams decided our core values, we are a growing organization, we believe in flexibility, being flexible and innovative is what we strive for.

A Falcon is distinguished in the following core values –

  1. Team Work – I, You, We (We bet you can’t make a product alone, try it out before you start playing as team)
  1. Leadership – For self and then to all (Be a disciplined warrior before you start playing King Leonidas)
  1. Innovation – It starts with smallest initiative (Changing your laptop processors when you overheat and blow them up is welcome, keep experimenting)
  1. Personal Excellency – It starts with You (We can work out better ideas your dressing, coding, scripting and your tuxedoes, we see you being valuable with every passing day)

How to Fly

falconsmart-careers1At FST value addition is paramount, for the individual and to the organization. Performance comes naturally in a conducive and idea tantalizing environment. FST focuses on smaller and efficient high-energy teams. We prefer to be lean and smart than being bulky and dominating. We add selective members to our teams every quarter with a poised planning with prior mission of where we want to reach this year.

Innovation takes time, patience and virtue and these are quite a few things we look out in future Falcons. We have every available process required to run an organization, however, mutually we set the tone of these things to run FalconSmart.

We believe in flexi timings, comfortable dresses, fancy lunches, bashful birthdays, sporty outings, quirky indoor games and quite a lot of team building. We endorse continuous learning and encourage every team member to add spice to their careers and try out newer roles.

Talent Incubation

Here at FST we have people choosing their areas of flight in Research and Innovation or operational/delivery excellence. Falcons choose it basis their career goals and perceived strengths how they need to feel satiated out of what they do.

Your choice to take up a career with FST initiates the sequence of decisions where you shall be realizing your potential – in Research or Excellence. We do not demarcate between the two, however every Falcon goes through the process of pioneering the excellence and understanding the product portfolio before starting to innovate.

FST is open for taking forward any ideas suggested by employees. Cross-functional teams take up brain storming activities regularly. Ideas that have immediate business relevance can be presented to the teams immediately. Responses to such ideas are presented to a panel teams to evaluate and decide further action. Ideas that are futuristic and may not have immediate business relevance are captured. Core technology team leads evaluate these ideas and concepts and decide the course of action for them.

If reading through this has already got you touching up your current skill profile, do not sit back, mail it to, we shall take care of the rest.

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