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FalconKit – Leading industry solution for Indoor walk test

With the same cutting edge technology of FalconKit Outdoor and combination of ease of use for data collection, post processing, analysis and reporting, FalconKit Indoor has become the most preferred indoor walk testing solution for Network Optimization and Benchmarking for all the major OEMs and telecom operators around the world.

FalconKit can be used to collect data, analyze and optimize Indoor networks for example stadiums, auditoriums, office buildings and other subscriber hotspot venues like concert halls etc.

Being light weight and compact it can be easily taken through crowded or secured areas like airports or government buildings and can be easily used for network testing in these areas.

Seamless integration with Indoor Network Planning Tools like iBwave Planner and support for almost all technologies like 2G to 4G, CDMA, GSM to Wi-Fi, and CS to PS (VoLTE) Call, FalconKit is the most sophisticated yet simple to use indoor walk testing solution.

FalconKit has been developed with the “Get it right first time” philosophy, which lends itself excellence in Indoor venues as access to venues is limited and scarce. Our customers need to “Get it right first time” and FalconKit does exactly that.

Key Advantages:

  • Compact and light weight solution with ease of carrying and walking inside secure areas like airports or government buildings
  • Easiest and fastest kit setup
  • Support for all types of indoor testing like Small Cells, DAS, Wi-Fi, Macros
  • Can be dismantled and setup again in no time – at least 80% less time compared to other kits
  • Test Script management available on tablet and on central server to quickly change test scripts and run new tests on the fly
  • Supports all major technologies like 2G to 4G, CDMA, GSM to Wi-Fi, and CS to PS (VoLTE) Call
  • Close integration with iBwave Indoor Planner to easily import and export data collected from walk test into the iBwave Planning Tool to plan and predict indoor network
  • Option to import ibwc files, image files or take pictures of the floor map for the walk route for the testing
  • All reports/plots created using the same walk route image as on Falcon Live


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