Advance dynamic reports – Instantaneous on the field and on the cloud.

FalconSmart Reports are not static or excel based. Rather it is the first solution in the market to deliver dynamic reports while effectively reducing cycle time and improving efficiencies in network operations. Dynamic and web based reports allows the engineering team to click on KPIs or Events to drill down, zoom into the plots and layouts for easy troubleshooting with side by side L3 and other required detailed information. FalconReports and dashboards are smart device ready and report can be accessed or viewed on tablets or phones. There are two types of reports – InstaReport that is generated from the Tablet controller of FalconSmart Kit immediately after the drive or walk text, and CloudReport which is the cloud based report on FalconONE cloud platform for deeper dive.


Single platform for Macro, DAS & Small Cell

Eliminates need to purchase extra software licenses- Lower CAPEX


Industry’s first Live RRC Analytics (Message viewer)

Reduce report generation time by 80%


FalconSmart Report works both

Flexible Pay as you use model- Lower OPEX


Master tablet( FalconSmart InstaReport)

Faster Time to Market- Opportunity Cost.


Cloud Server( FalconSmart CloudReport)

Reduces Manpower requirements- LOWER OPEX


2G/3G/LTE/VoLTE & Speech Quality(MOS) reporting

Fastest Post Processing in the market; turns sequential process into parallel.


Depth of information as other Post Processing tools (e.g. Actix, TEMS, Windcatcher)


Avg. processing time for a 2 device configuration with testing for 1 hour: < 5 mins


Analytics 2







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